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Governing Board


General Information For AGM of 2015



Parents and legal guardians of Birchwood Elementary students are

cordially invited to attend the school’s

Annual General Assembly of Parents.


Date: September 2015, day and time TBA

Place: Birchwood Elementary Gymnasium

What happens at the General Assembly?


  • The Annual Report of activities of the Governing Board will be presented.
  • Parents elect three representatives to the Governing Board.  Three parents are remaining for their second year of a two-year term.
  • The parents elect a representative to the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Sector Parent’s Committee and a substitute with the right to vote.
  • Parents will determine the composition and operating rules of the Parent Participation Organization as well as elect its members.


Governing Board

Number of parent seats to be filled: 4


Term of office: 2 years


Governing Boards play a decisional role in schools. They are responsible for issues

involving school life, including the school’s educational project, the annual budget and

the development of school policies.


Our Governing Board will consist of a maximum of 16 members; 7 parents, 7 staff

members, with 2 seats reserved for community representatives. The principal takes

part in Governing Board meetings, but does not vote. Monthly meetings will be held in

the evening.


There are 2 ways to declare your candidacy for the Governing Board:


1. Submit a letter to the principal, stating your intentions.

Along with the letter, include a brief biography;


2. Attend the General Assembly in September, and declare your

candidacy in person.

Members of the Governing Board will be elected by secret ballot.



Parent Participation Organization

Term of office: 1 year


The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for parents to share ideas, and

to promote the collaboration of parents in developing, implementing, and evaluating

the school’s educational project. They may advise the parents on the Governing Board

or be consulted by them on any matters of concern. Monthly meetings will be held in

the evening.


To be elected to the Parent Participation Organization, attend the meeting and state

your intentions. If you are unable to be present that night, you must submit your

candidacy in writing beforehand.  Election to the Parent Participation Organization will be done by a show of hands.


Please consider running for a position on these important committees. Whether you

choose to do so or not, I invite you all to come to the General Assembly and elect the

members you feel would best speak for you on school issues.




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