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Chartwell`s Chips and Cookies

All products sold in our cafeterias by Chartwells have been approved by our department and comply with the LBPSB Food & Nutrition Policy (FNP) http://www.lbpsb.qc.ca/content/policies/FoodPolicy2_5.pdf

The FNP was developed by Dietitians and Food Technicians using the Heart and Stoke Foundation Guidelines, Dietitians of Canada and Canada’s Food Guide. There was a consultation process included and the FNP was adopted by the Council of Commissioners.

The portion sizes are based on one third of a child’s daily nutritional requirements.

The “salty” snacks served at the snack bar are baked not fried and are served only after the main meal is served or students have eaten their lunches from home.

Included in the Food & Nutrition Policy are the Specifications that describe all the criteria for foods acceptable to be consumed during school hours.

Page (ix) of the Specifications indicates the definition of a ….

Snacks: Salty  - Includes pretzels, popcorn, crackers, snack mix, mini rice cakes, etc.

  • ≤ 30% fat (≤15% from saturated and trans fat) per serving
  • < 480 mg of sodium
  • Plain, no sugar coated
  • ≤50g portion
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Identify with a red dot when applicable

It is important to understand that we have selected only products that comply with the LBPSB Food & Nutrition Policy to be served in the cafeterias.  Providing good food choices does not mean removing all the “fun” items from the menu or a child’s daily food selections. By educating everyone to read the labels and understanding what “healthy” means will provide them with a foundation of a healthy lifestyle. All bags of chips ARE NOT created equal.  The selection of snacks served at Birchwood fit in the F&N Policy and are priced accordingly.


Physical and Health Education News

  Physical and Health Education Information

Program Objectives

The Physical Education Program encourages maximum participation while exposing students to a wide variety of physical activities.  Through physical activity students build self-esteem, social skills, and cooperative strategies.  The program also aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.  We focus on fair play, effort, personal achievement and friendly sportsmanlike competition. Our goal is to instill a love of being active for a lifetime!



Student Expectations


Students are expected to follow these rules in all physical education classes and extra-curricular activities:

1.      Be safe at all times.

2.      Listen to and follow instructions.

3.      Wear proper phys ed clothes & shoes.

4.      Be respectful to yourself, others and the equipment.

5.      Participate and have fun!

Students are expected to play fairly, try their best and encourage/help their classmates.


Phys. Ed. Clothes

Students should come to school on gym days DRESSED for physical education.  There is no time permitted for them to change.

      1.Birchwood T-shirt

2.Shorts or jogging pants

3.Running shoes

 ***All students must have a pair of CLEAN, INDOOR RUNNING SHOES for use in the gymnasium only  AND a pair of RUNNING SHOES for OUTDOOR use.  ***


PLEAE NOTE:  At times, all students (kindergarten to grade 6) will be going outside for phys ed, even in the winter and therefore they must be properly dressed for the weather.  Mittens, hats, snow pants and boots are a must during wintertime, and peaked caps appropriate for warmer weather.


    Kindergarten and Cycle I                                Cycle II & III

Examples of some of our Activities      Examples of some of our Activities


Basic Games


Listening Games


Cooperative Games


Object Manipulation



Hula Hoop games






Rock Climbing


Playground games

Cooperative Games

Ultimate Frisbee

Playground Games









Track and Field



Rock Climbing









Evaluation Competencies

 Your child will be evaluated on the following competencies:

  1. To perform movement skills in different physical activity settings
  2. To interact with others in different physical activity settings
  3. To adopt a healthy, active lifestyle




This year we will be participating in several LBPSB tournaments.  Students participate voluntarily and practices are held during lunch hours.  These activities are a privilege; students who do not respect the rules in class and practices will not be invited to participate in tournaments.

Canadian Tire Money Drive

 This year we are holding A Canadian Tire Money Drive.  Whenever you have some Canadian Tire Money to donate, just send it to either PhysEd teacher.  The money goes towards purchasing all the little extras for the Phys. Ed. program throughout the year, and repairing and replacing broken equipment.  Every little bit helps! Thank you for your support!!!

Birchwood P.E Team

Mrs. Elder and Ms. Frances

Dental Hygene Information for Everyone

The importance of Oral Health

Do you know that dental decay is five times more common than asthma and seven times more than hay fever?

Dental decay is the most common chronic and infectious disease for pre-school children. Many young people from 2 to 7 years have multiple dental caries (childhood caries) and must consult a specialist for treatment under general anesthesia.

Few people know this but oral health can affect more than just your mouth.

For example, a poor gum health may increase cardiovascular problem or destabilize the state of a person with diabetes (blood sugar).

For pregnant women, a good oral health can reduce the risk of preterm birth or giving birth to underweight baby.

7 Steps to Good Oral Health:

Oral Health and Pregnancy:

Caring for Your Teeth and Mouth

We hope this information is useful to you. If you do not wish to receive these health-related messages, please let us know in your reply to this e-mail.

Best regards,

Jean-Christophe Senosier
Regional Director

Communications and Public Affairs Directorate
Health Canada / Public Health Agency of Canada
Quebec Region
Phone: 514-496-4663
www.healthcanada.gc.ca / www.phac.gc.ca

Your health and safety… our priority.

From Health Canada Some thoughts on bullying

Let's put an end to bullying!

Children and youth who experience bullying are at a higher risk of sustained mental health problems throughout their lives, which can potentially lead to chronic illnesses or suicide.

Parents, guardians, teachers and classmates all have a role to play to end the scourge of bullying. But first, it is important to know the different kinds of bullying and to know how to intervene.

At what age do we witness the first signs of bullying?

The face of bullying changes as children get older.

The cycle of bullying often begins between the ages of four and 11 when children are forming their own social identities at school and through other activities. Signs are physical, verbal and social.

Other bullying behaviours emerge as children move toward adolescence, such as sexual harassment and dating aggression.

To learn more about the different signs of bullying:

Ages 4-11: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-sante/bullying-intimidation/age4-11-eng.php
Ages 12-17: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-sante/bullying-intimidation/age12-17-eng.php

How can you intervene?

Bullying is a power struggle that is difficult to resolve without the help of an adult. In most cases, it requires only a few minutes of intervention to stop, especially if adults stay aware of their children's social interactions and act immediately and in a consistent manner.

For more information: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-sante/bullying-intimidation/adults-adultes-eng.php

If your child is being bullied, here are 4 things you can tell him or her: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/291889619571318305/


We hope this information is useful to you. If you do not wish to receive these health-related messages, please let us know in your reply to this e-mail.

Best regards,

Jean-Christophe Senosier
Regional Director

Communications and Public Affairs Directorate
Health Canada / Public Health Agency of Canada
Quebec Region
Phone: 514-496-4663


From Health Canada School Lunches with no stress

Packing school lunches with no stress!

Back to school time is fast approaching and families also have to think about lunches, which is not always easy with busy schedules.

What is the secret of healthy lunch boxes? Getting the kids involved and planning ahead. Here are some tips to get there:

  • Stock up on healthy grab-and-go foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grain pita pockets, yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Spend a few extra minutes when preparing dinner to cut up extra veggies and fruit for tomorrow's lunch.
  • Let the kids plan the menu, write the grocery list, shop for food, and make the lunches… with your help of course! Kids who help make and pack their lunch are more likely to eat it too.

·        For more tips and ideas, visit the Healthy school lunches page at http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/eating-nutrition/healthy-eating-saine-alimentation/children_go-enfants_actifs-eng.php?_ga=1.59627373.1316823436.1398276429

You have questions about allergies or food poisoning? Please read tips on Safe school lunches at http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/eating-nutrition/safety-salubrite/school-lunch_repas-ecole-eng.php?_ga=1.55571307.1316823436.1398276429



Expose your Thinking Traps Workshop

Click here for more information


Family Respite

Here is a link for a newly established resource for parents to receive respite from their children.

It is a free service that parents initiate themselves. No referrals can be made from the school or social services.

The services at Maison Kangourou are in English and French and kids can go there from 1 to 15 days without advance notice. It is for children from 0 to 12 yrs old. http://lamaisonkangourou.org/english/


Information on Cyber Safety

Here is a safety information web site that might be very helpful for you.



Helpful Videos from the SPVM on Bullying

Following are some very interesting videos from the SPVM that can help with understanding bullying in its many facets.  There is clear concise information in 3 separate short videos.  Please take the time to look into this.


 English  www.spvm.qc.ca/bullying .

French   www.spvm.qc.ca/intimidation




March Artists of the Month

Dancing Penguin Values

Penguin Monoprints.jpg

Penguins in the Distance.jpg



November / December Artists of the Month

Klee Grooms Arrival

Klee Tape Resist

Klee Tissue Paper Bleed



October Artists of the Month

Cycle 1 Goldsworthy Inspired Sand Art and Lines

Cycle 2 Goldsworthy Inspired Leaf Prints and Lines.jpg

Cycle 3 Goldsworthy Inspired Leaf Impressions.jpg



Conference on Parental Skills (in English)

Click here for more information


September Artists of the Month

Complementary Colours

Complementary Colours

Primary and Secondary Colours

Primary and Secondary Colours 2

Scratch Art Colour Wheels

Scratch Art Colour Wheels 2



Definition of Parent Participation Organization

There have been questions about the role of the PPO in the schools of the LBPSB.  This is the definition available and might help clearing any further questions.

The purpose of the parent participation organization is to encourage parents to get involved in developing, carrying out and periodically evaluating the school’s educational project, and in fostering their child’s academic success.

Parents on the governing board may seek the counsel of the parent participation organization. Given that the organization is intended to meet local needs, the Act leaves it up to parents to decide on its composition, rules and procedures at their general meeting.



SNAC Election Meeting September 17th, 2014





September 17, 2014


Location: Lester B. Pearson School Board Office

1925 Brookdale, Dorval

Board Room

The Special Needs Advisory Committee is a committee mandated by the

Education Act to advise the School Board on special needs issues in

regards to educational services and school board policies.

The committee is made up of parents of students with special needs,

teachers, school administrators, professionals, support staff and

representatives from community agencies.

At this meeting, parents of students with special needs, who are interested,

will be elected to hold positions on the committee for one or two year

mandates. New positions are filled by majority vote. We encourage all

parents of students with special needs to attend and get involved!

Special Needs Advisory Committee meetings are held monthly and are

open to all parents. Should you have a question, please feel free to contact

the Special Needs Advisory Committee by email at:


To learn more about the Special Needs Advisory Committee please visit

our website (http://snac.lbpsb.qc.ca).


While SNAC does not deal with individual issues or

situations, parents of children with special needs are

welcome to attend the monthly meetings.


Artists of the month (May 2014)

Wayne Thibaud Cake


Wayne Thibaud Cupcake


Wayne Thibaud Icecream Cone






The art room is in need of magazines, fashion catalogues, Avon booklets etc.
for various collage projects. If you have any at home we would love to take them off your hands! :)

Sincerely, Miss Erin and the Students of Birchwood ElementaryThank you!!!


Aggression,Video Games and Exposure to Children

This is an interesting bit of research that could help parents make wise decisions about how much they allow their children to play aggressive video games and how much violence they are exposed to through media etc.  The results found that kids who played more hours of violent video games per week were more likely to show aggressive behaviour and violent tendencies -- such as hitting, shoving and pushing -- compared to those who played fewer hours a week. Please check out the link below for some very informative things to consider, thank you to the Birchwood parent who shared this information with me!


Ms. Turner


Interesting Article about technology and developing brains

Please follow this link to read a very interesting article on technology and your child's developing brain.



Artists of the month (April 2014)

Frangipani Flower


Gazania Flower


Tigerlilly Flower


Artists of the month (March 2014)

Recycled CD & DVD Mandalas


Every slice counts



Local Public Health Symposium for Parents of Kindergarten Aged Children



En ligne : cliquez sur le lien suivant Formulaire d’inscription

Information/questions : marie-julie.mcneil.csssvs16@ssss.gouv.qc.ca OU 450 455-0507, poste 418.


JEUDI 27 mars 2014 - 8H00 à 12H30

Centre Multisports, 3093, boulevard de la Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion



Assurer le meilleur départ possible aux tout-petits qui nous entourent pour qu’ils débutent l’école avec les atouts favorisant leur réussite éducative et sociale est un objectif primordial pour le réseau local de services (RLS) de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. L’Enquête québécoise sur le développement des enfants à la maternelle (EQDEM) révèle que certains enfants de notre région partent moins gagnants au fil de départ.

Nous savons que ces enfants sont plus susceptibles de manifester des difficultés liées à l’apprentissage et des difficultés d’adaptation scolaire et sociale. Il s’avère donc important de bien entourer et soutenir tous les tout-petits et leurs parents, notamment ceux vivant en contexte de pauvreté, afin de favoriser leur développement optimal.

Ce symposium local de santé publique se veut un lieu pour comprendre et interpréter les résultats de l’EQDEM dans les cinq (5) domaines ayant été mesurés : habiletés de communication et connaissances générales, développement cognitif et langagier, maturité affective, compétences sociales ainsi que santé physique et bien-être. Il s’agit d’une occasion favorable d’utiliser les nouvelles données sur l’état du développement des enfants de la maternelle pour soutenir et appuyer les actions déjà en cours localement.


Présenter les orientations stratégiques du rapport de la directrice de santé publique, les stratégies gagnantes et les conditions du succès des mesures visant le développement global des enfants;

Présenter les données locales de l’EQDEM;

S’assurer de l’appropriation et de l’interprétation des résultats concernant l’état du développement des enfants à la maternelle;

Favoriser les discussions avec l’ensemble des partenaires en vue d’une bonne compréhension et interprétation des résultats en lien avec les réalités locales.


Milieu communautaire

Milieu municipal

Milieu scolaire


Réseau de la santé et des services sociaux

Services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance

Nous vous attendons en grand nombre pour partager une vision commune sur le développement de nos tout-petits et la mise en place d’environnements qui leur sont favorables.



Mireille Abadie, Commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson, Martine Campbell, CPE L’île aux trésors, Alexandra Dubé, CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Sophie Leduc, CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Sébastien Legros, MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Marie-Julie Mc Neil, CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Nancy Pelletier, Comité d’action local de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Patricia Quirion, CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Anne Thibault, Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs


Accueil des participants


Mot d'ouverture


Présentation du rapport de la directrice de santé publique 2013


Portrait des tout-petits du territoire de Vaudreuil-Soulanges




Atelier d’appropriation des résultats en lien avec nos actions locales


Mot de clôture


Fin de la rencontre

Veuillez prendre note que les présentations se feront en français.


Artists of the month (February 2014)

Circular Weaving


Draw Me a Cow Contest


Stamping & Repetition



Artists of the month (January 2014)

Klimt Drawing


Klimt Listening Game


Klimt's Tree of Life



CPC Information

            “As the holiday season approaches and the time for concerts, plays and other events arrive, we should take note of issues surrounding privacy and the posting of student photos, on-line, from our own devices.  The Central Parents Committee of the Lester B. Pearson School Board has drafted a brief “Parent to Parent Guide” on this issue.  To reach the CPC website and view their guide, follow

http://cpc.lbpsb.qc.ca/documents/ThinkTwicewhenPostingPhotos.pdf  “


December 20th

December 20th Information:

This is a reminder that December 20th will be a modified day with students being dismissed from school at 1:00pm.  Buses will leave from the school at 1:10.

The morning will commence with a traditional breakfast served to all students, by the Home and School Volunteers.  If your child has allergies please make sure to contact the classroom teacher and/or the H&S representative to discuss food options. 

 There will be an extended recess of 30 minutes for the students.  Please send along a nutritious snack and appropriate warm clothing for the morning break period.   

There will not be a lunch hour, except for Maternelle students.  The Maternelle will eat lunch in the classroom with their teacher.

If you foresee any change of routine for your family for that last day before the holidays, in terms of bussing or pick up, please contact your child’s home room teacher with a note so that we can smoothly and safely accommodate the changes.

Thank you for your help and cooperation during this exciting time.


Artists of the month (December 2013)

Polar Bear Points of View


Polar Bear Silhouettes #1


Polar Bear Silhouettes #2


Polar Bears & Northern Lights



Artists of the month (November 2013)

Autumn Printing Tree


Canada Goose Collage


Mixed Media Scarecrows



Halloween Safety Information

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children, and grown-ups. It is important to keep safety in mind when planning costumes, decorations, treats and activities on the special day itself. Lit jack-o-lanterns, flimsy or complicated costumes, street traffic and unsafe treats are just some of the risks. With some simple precautions, you can make sure that Halloween is a safe and happy experience for the whole family.

For more information, please visit Health Canada’s Website at the following address:


Artists of the month (October 2013)

3D Pop out Weaving


Starburst Weaving


Warm & Cool Weaving



Artists of the month (September 2013)

Giant Pop Out Hands


My Hand Collage


Op Art Hands


Op Art Hands 2


Artists of the month (May/June)
Australian Goanna

Australian Rainbow Snake


Australian X-Ray Fish


Grumpy Bubble Print


Grumpy Cat MEME


Grumpy Cat Masks



Newspaper/Journal Grade 4
Journal copie grand duc


Our Stained Glass News Report


Our Stained Glass Project for the Library Windows!!




You can see the CTV spot light on our windows by going to the above mentioned link.  Congratulations Ms. Erin and all  our students for such a wonderful finished project.  Our school walls and windows are becoming a canvas of your educational life here at Birchwood.  You should be very proud of all of your accomplishments!

Ms. Turner


Artists of the month (April)

Notan - Dark Light


Notan - Japanese Paper Cutting


Notan - Positive & Negative Space




Artists of the month (March)

Shooting Shapes #1 - One Point Perspective


Shooting Shapes #2 - One Point Perspective


Landscape - One Point Perspective


Dutch Tulip Fields - One Point Perspective


Artists of the month (February)
Snowman Perspective - Aerial View.jpg


Snowman Perspective - Side View.jpg


Snowman Perspective - View from below.jpg




Artists of the month (January)
Geometric Stained Glass

Stained Glass Votives

Tissue Paper Stained Glass


Artists of the month (December)


Christmas Food Basket Donations

Birchwood Elementary School and our Student Parliament are joining in with La Guignoléeto collect dried goods for Christmas Baskets for needy families.

 Therefore it is that time of the year to begin the collection.  Each classroom will be given specific items to collect as has been suggested by “La Guignolée”.

 Please see list below.

Each clasroom will have a special box for the items to be deposited in.  All donations need to be handed in by December 10th so that we have time to organize for distribution.

 Please be generous and help our students know the joy in the gift of giving...

Thank you for your generosity!  The Birchwood Elves




Mme. DiPietro


ketchup, mayonaise, relish, mustard, pickles

Mme. Viau


condensed milk, evaporated milk, Grand Pre milk

Mme. Ackland


dried raisins, dates, figues, dried fruit

Mme. Iermieri


cereal, oatmeal, bars




Mme. Rocheleau


peanut butter, honey

Mme. Charlebois


rice, couscous, flour, baking soda

Mlle. Larocque


Coffee, Tea, Tisan




Mme. Bernier


Fruit juice

Mme. Renaud


Margarine, butter, shortening

Mme. O


salt, pepper, spices




Mme. Foliot


Soap for dishwashers, dishes & to wash the clothing

Mme. Belanger


Soap for the body, shampoo, conditioner




Mme. Doray


Tooth paste, tooth brush

Mlle. Scrase


Tissue, toilet paper, scott towels




Mrs. Roberts



Mlle. St.Onge


sugar, brown sugar




Mme. BelleIsle


nutella, jam

Ms. Farinelli


maple syrup, corn syrup, bisto, bisquick


On Line Tutoring



Organized by the Birchwood Home and School, parents are invited to attend an informative session on LEARN’s tutoring service, SOS.

The workshop will take place at

Birchwood Elementary school

January 15, 2013 for 1 hour from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The session will address the following topics:


What is LEARN


How to sign in to the website


How to access SOS on the LEARN website


Where to find the SOS schedule and names of SOS teachers


How to register for the service


A visit to an online classroom


Parents will be pleased to know that the SOS online tutoring service is free to all students registered in Quebec’s English schools. There will be some time allotted for questions and comments at the end of the presentation.

Come and explore ways you can help students maximize school success.

The SOS video

Please RSVP to birchwood.hs@gmail.com BEFORE DEC 20, 2012 to reserve your spot. We have limited spaces available for this highly sought-after session!


Interesting Christmas Gifts available

Christmas Shopping & Adopt a Village

Interesting Gift Ideas

Would you like to buy a pig, a goat, a cow, or a sewing machine for a village in Kenya as a Christmas gift for a friend or relative? 

For every donation sent in, we will send a digital postcard announcing your gift to your friend or relative, along with a copy to you as a receipt.  Please help us to help make a difference in the world. 

Please send the e-mail address of the recipient of the gift to croberts@lbpearson.qc.ca , along with your choice of gift that the donation will go towards.  There is a large poster in the cafeteria and we will place the appropriate sticker, so the school will see our progress. 

Please send cash or cheque payable to: Birchwood Elementary School, attention Adopt a Village, sent in an envelope marked, “Adopt a Village”. 


Thank you from Birchwood School and the Cycle 3 students.


Christmas Lights for the Children`s Hospital


DECEMBER 8TH to 31st

From 5 pm to 8pm (later on weekends and Christmas Eve)

2622 Yearling, St. Lazare

There are thousands of lights dancing to music that is played directly into your car from their radio station (89.5 FM)

There is a donation box and all money collected will go directly to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.

Come by and enjoy the dancing lights.






PS:  Some fun facts… Tyler is the one who chooses the charity we donate to each year (he has since 2006).  All songs are chosen by the Johnson children.  Tyler and Cassandra help build extension cords, put up lights and wire up all lights.



Artists of the month (November)
Paysage Echo Info

Permanent Marker Interpretation

Watercolour Interpretation

Wet Chalk Interpretation


Artists of the month (October)

Spooky Architecture - Coffee Paintings

Spooky Architecture - Silhouettes

Spooky Architecture - Textures and Contrast


Hallow`een Safety

 Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children, and grown-ups. Whether in designing the costumes, decorate the house, or better yet, trick-or-treating, it is important to keep in mind a few simple safety tips so Halloween remains enjoyable for everyone.

For more information, please visit Health Canada’s website at the following address:




Next Meeting Date of the

 Special Needs Advisory Committee


Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 7:00pm

at the LBPSB Head Office, 1925 Brookdale Avenue, Dorval


With a very informative presentation


Dr. Cindy Finn, Director of Student Services

on Educating Students with Special Needs in Quebec



Dr. Finn will speak on the different MELS codes, funding, and how it relates to our students in the LBPSB. This presentation will last approximately one hour and will be followed by a regular SNAC meeting.




This is a FREE presentation. All are welcome. 

 Please RSVP for planning purposes to snac@lbpearson.qc.ca




Autism Awareness Month

October is Canada’s Autism Awareness Month!              


Informal gathering to share information, ideas, experiences, and resources.


7:00 pm at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary, 490 Bourget, Vaudreuil-Dorion

 The P.P.O. at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary would like to invite you to attend our “Networking Evening” to support your local Autism Community. Come learn more about this disorder and how it affects the life of the families in our community.  It is a chance for the ASD community to share its stories and build understanding among neighbors, family and educators.  

                    Autism affects approximately 1 in 88 children and 1 in 55 boys

“Imagine you were in a foreign, noisy and crowded city at night, not understanding the language spoken, recognizing only a few words but not really comprehending situations taking place around you, wanting to express a need for help but not able. This experience may begin to help you relate to what a child with autism feels on an ordinary day.”




References: Autism speaks.org and http://autism.lovetoknow.com/Autism_Awareness_Month


Come show your support!

For more information, or to register contact Angela at peteschair@lbpearson.qc.ca subject: Support



Free Workshop Offered



Treating Autism through:

Relationship Developmental Intervention (RDI


Cindy Coady, M.A., RDI Certified Consultant

®) ®   is a cognitive-developmental treatment program that incorporates the most current scientific research on autism, the brain and developmental psychology. This seminar will provide parents and professionals with strategies for orchestrating an effective learning environment at home and in the classroom. Participants will learn how RDI® is used to address core deficits in autism including motivation, critical thinking, emotional regulation, communication, and self-awareness. Finally guidance will be provided so that adults can support children with ASD to increase their desire and success in their relationships with others.

Ms. Cindy Coady is a certified RDI Consultant and parent coach who holds a Masters Degree in Drama Therapy and a DEC in Special Counselling. She has been working in the field of social services for twenty years. Upon completing her Masters Degree, Ms. Coady became specialized in child and family therapy. Her work experience includes working for a trauma clinic for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, in youth protection and as the director of a daycare. She opened a private practice in 2005 and is passionate about supporting not only children with special needs, but also the whole family.


Lester B. Pearson School Board

Centre of Excellence for Autism Spectrum Disorders

November 13, 2012—7:00-9:00PM


Please pre-register by email or phone to

Janet Neville at jneville@lbpsb.qc.ca

514-422-3000 ext. 3254



Lester B. Pearson School Board


1925 Brookdale, Dorval

H9P 2Y7


Parent, Student & Professional

ASD Seminars



Artists of the month (September)
Masking Tape Self-Portraits.jpg

Stickmen Self-Portraits.jpg

Foreshortening Self-Portraits.jpg


Governing Board Meeting

Our next Governing Board Meeting will be held on:

This will be held at a later date, after the AGM meeting on September 6th.  Information to follow.



SNAC = Special Needs Advisory Committee



September 19, 2012


Location: Lester B. Pearson School Board Office

1925 Brookdale, Dorval

Board Room

The Special Needs Advisory Committee is a committee mandated by the

Education Act to advise the School Board on special needs issues in

regards to educational services and school board policies.

The committee is made up of parents of students with special needs,

teachers, school administrators, professionals, support staff and

representatives from community agencies.

At this meeting, parents of students with special needs, who are interested,

will be elected to hold positions on the committee for one or two year


Special Needs Advisory Committee meetings are held monthly and are

open to all parents. Should you wish to contact a current member of the

Special Needs Advisory Committee, you can do so by email at:


To learn more about the Special Needs Advisory Committee please visit

their site (


While SNAC does not deal with individual issues

or situations, parents of children with special

needs are welcome to attend the monthly



Sibling Photo Opportunity

Wednesday, Setember 19th

is Photo Day at our school. 


Each homeroom class will have their picture taken with their teacher(s).  Please make sure your child or children are dressed in a well groomed fashion for the photo day.

We have also been given the opportunity that if a family would like a photo of siblings, time has been set aside to do so.  There are two things you must do by the morning of Tuesday, September 18th at the latest.

  1. Email Home+School: birchwood.hs@gmail.com with the names and homerooms of each of your children.
  2.  Write  a note in each of your children's agenda, stating that you have signed up for the sibling photo opportunity as well.

That is it!  We will take care of the rest.


September 4th
      This is to notify you that September 4th, 2012 is Election Day.  That means that the school is closed for classes ...but Daycare will be open for those who are signed up for Daycare already.


Duke, Le Grand Duc, Our Mascot

Congratulations!!! ...to Emily Gaudreault of Mme. Claudia DiPietro's Maternelle's class for giving us the mascot who will speak wisdom to us throughout the years to come at Birchwood!

Please see both her original drawing on the left and the version that is going to be able to be printed.  Thank you and congratulations again Emily!!



Four Grade 4 Insights "On Being a Great Digital Citizen"

Being a Good Digital Citizen

The internet is fun, but I promise to go on safe sites.

I promise not to write anything mean about other people.

I promise to tell an adult if anyone is mean to me on the computer.

I promise to ask permission before I take a photo of someone and explain how I will use it.

I promise not to put bad photos on the internet.

I promise not to put personal stuff about myself on the internet that could spread around the world and last for a long time.

I promise not to take other people’s ideas and pretend they are my own.

I promise not to post inappropriate stuff on Facebook or Twitter.

I promise to be careful!

                                      By:  Grade 4, Birchwood School



Peace on the Internet

Being a good digital citizen means not writing inappropriate things on the internet.

Being a good digital citizen means writing respectful messages.

The internet is for everyone to share and make sure that you use appropriate websites.  Wait until you are old enough to use Facebook.

Always be respectful and kind and use technology well.


                                       By: Grade 4

                                       Birchwood School



      Technology and Being a Good Digital Citizen

I will respect and follow the rules.

I choose to use pictures that are free to use and share.

I forgive anyone who deletes something by accident.

I model good citizenship.

I include someone who wants to use the technology as well.

I will only do what the teacher says to do.

I am the one who is making good choices.

I accept all of these rules.


                                                By:  Grade 4

                                                Birchwood School



What Digital Citizenship Means to Grade 4

A good digital citizen is someone who is careful about what they type on the internet.

It is someone who respects the rules and uses the internet properly.

It is someone who does not write mean messages

It is someone who uses pictures for projects that are free to use or share.

It is someone who always holds the iPad with two hands.

It is someone who never throws technology.

It is someone who closes their iPod or iPad when they are not using it.

A good digital citizen is someone who makes the right choices.

                                            By:  Grade 4

                                            Birchwood School


Marcelo Melo

Please visit Marcelo's site to see our mural as it unfolded.





Mystery Jars and June 8th!

Mystery Jars


WOW I can not believe it is that wonderful time of the year where we start planning our Family fun day, which will be held on Friday June 8th from 4-8pm.


What is a Mystery jar you ask??!!  This is where we need parents help. We need you to make up mystery jars or containers(like large yogurt,sour cream or margarine containers) for the kids.  Well. . . . you take empty jars or containers that you have either saved or purchased at the dollar store- - -please no peanut butter containers- - - and then you fill it will goodies like for example: hard candy which is very popular, jump ropes, stickers, slimy things, pencils with fancy erasers ,hackey sacs,bouncy balls etc. We then ask that you decorate the jars so that the children will be able to tell if what is inside the jar is intended for a boy or a girl. It could be as simple as wrapping your container with blue tissue paper for a boy, to covering it with pink and purple feathers for a girl.

We do sell the jars for ONE dollar so we ask that what you place inside is of equal or greater value.  Please think of the kids when you are making the jars because this is a fun and very exciting family fun day activity for the kids.


   Now the class that brings in the most jars will win a

 ***free pizza lunch.***

So Please have your jars in by June 8th that is when we go in and do the count. Every jar counts!!


Please  NO chocolate as it could melt on a hot day AND NO peanut products!!


If you have any questions about the jars or you would like to Volunteer please email us at birchwood.hs@gmail.com subject: mystery jars or volunteering


Thank you very much,   Birchwood Home and School


Artists of the month (March)
Birchwood Pride!

263 canvasses were painted across the kindergarten/Grade 1 wall at Birchwood elementary giving each student in Grades 1 to 6 a space to paint their own masterpiece. Brazilian artist Marcio Melo sketched birch tree seasonal forest scenes above the canvasses and volunteer parents filled the leaves in with different colours to represent the murals four-season theme.

See the full article which appeared on the first page of the Hudson Gazette!


Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3



Transition to High School Parent and Student Workshops from CPC



Tuesday, May 8 - Edgewater, 220 boul. Cardinal-Leger, Pincourt


Tuesday, May 15 - Wilder Penfield, 551 Westminster, DDO


Tuesday, May 22 - Children's World Academy, 2241 rue Menard, LaSalle

All sessions will commence at 7:00 p.m.

Your children have almost completed their Elementary School career. In a few short months they will be embarking on a new and exciting journey, called High School. Grade 6 students are happy, yet anxious about this new stage in their lives. Parents are nervous about the new responsibilities their children will be experiencing.

You and your children will learn strategies and skills that will help them succeed in High School. As they become teenagers, the students will learn that they have the power to thrive, if they choose to. Time management skills and studying techniques will be some of the many topics discussed.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your Grade 6 child(ren). Please RSVP by sending an email with your name, child's name and school name to cpc-events@bell.net

This event is sponsored by your Regional Parents' Committees and presented by Sharon Klar from Bartimaeus Inc.




You and your Grade 6 children are invited to an information session about making the Transition to High School a successful one.



Advocating for Your Child in the School System:

A Toolbox for Parents


with Maureen Hunt, M.A.


Parents are natural advocates for their children. When a child has special needs, the need to

play an active role in planning your child’s education is a vital component for success. This

presentation will offer information on how to accomplish successful advocacy with

understanding, compassion and awareness. The importance of nurturing and caring for ourselves

as parents of children with special needs will also be discussed.

Special Needs Advisory Committee

(SNAC) Parent Evening

Wednesday May 23, 2012

LBPSB Boardroom

1925 Brookdale Avenue

Dorval, Québec

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FREE Seminar

Maureen Hunt has personal experience in the advocacy role as a parent of a successful LBPSB graduate. She has worked with several community organizations for many years in coaching parent advocates. Maureen is a member of Student Services at Lester B. Pearson and works with the Family and School Support and Treatment Team.

Please confirm your attendance by leaving your name and the name of your child’s school via email to the Special Needs Advisory Committee at

snac@lbpearson.qc.ca before May 14, 2012.


Transition to Highschool



Tuesday, May 8 - Edgewater, 220 boul. Cardinal-Leger, Pincourt


Tuesday, May 15 - Wilder Penfield, 551 Westminster, DDO


Tuesday, May 22 - Children's World Academy, 2241 rue Menard, LaSalle

All sessions will commence at 7:00 p.m.

Your children have almost completed their Elementary School career. In a few short months they will be embarking on a new and exciting journey, called High School. Grade 6 students are happy, yet anxious about this new stage in their lives. Parents are nervous about the new responsibilities their children will be experiencing.

You and your children will learn strategies and skills that will help them succeed in High School. As they become teenagers, the students will learn that they have the power to thrive, if they choose to. Time management skills and studying techniques will be some of the many topics discussed.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your Grade 6 child(ren). Please RSVP by sending an email with your name, child's name and school name to cpc-events@bell.net

This event is sponsored by your Regional Parents' Committees and presented by Sharon Klar from Bartimaeus Inc.




You and your Grade 6 children are invited to an information session about making the Transition to High School a successful one.


Space Day

May 23 and24 are quickly approaching and there are a number of students who are yet to bring in their registration form and money for our Space Day Field Trip.  Please send it to the school tomorrow!! 

Thank you, Teachers of Birchwood Students




MMM Bread!

We did it! Thank you Birchwood Com-munity for coming together and pulling through on the last fundraising cam-paign. Bread seemed to be very popu-lar indeed! We surpassed our target of 500 loaves and we are now moving full throttle on to the

Our June 8th Family Fun Event will be a great way to end the year for Birchwood families & staff. Everyone is invited including future Kindergarteners and their families. There will be bounce tents, mini-golf, carnival games, Mystery Jars, Green Team Jewelry & Craft Table, Bridge to Burundi table, the Stallions will be helping out, hot dogs, chips, drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, and SO MUCH MORE!!!! Don’t miss it!

Parking afternoon of June 8—if you can, consider walking or biking to school. The parking lot and pickup circle will be reserved for daycare use only. Please be considerate to our neighbors when parking on the road. There is also parking at the park Grand Pre and on the streets behind the school.

Family Fun Event planning.

Our Prepaid tickets form is on page 3.

To avoid lineups, we strongly encourage families to pre-purchase their tickets.


Please contact

Thanks again to everyone and we will see you on June 8. We look forward to a memorable night!

!!! Angel to put in your name for the June 8th event. If every-one could donate just 1 hour of time to helping at a table or with the conces-sions, the lines will be smaller and all parents can participate with their fami-lies.



May 11—Official Birchwood Opening

May 16—Home & School Meeting

May 18—PED Day

May 21—Statutory Holiday

June 1 —PED Day

June 8—Family Fun Event 4-8pm (June 15 raindate)

June 12 —Governing Board Meeting

6:30 PM

June 13 —Pizza Lunch Fundraiser

June 14—Home and School Meeting 6:30, email for location

June 20 —TCBY Treat Fundraiser

June 21—Grad Ceremony & Party 1:30



Birchwood Elementary

1325 Rue Jolicoeur

St. Lazare, QC



Email Home & School



May 2012

Volume 1, Issue 5




Home & School


Our Home and School AGM was held May 16 with elections for the positions of the Executive. The new slate for the coming year is:


: Crystal Schiess & Lisa Fougère


: Anita Fudalewski & Gisella Kramell


: Alison Parsons


: Andrea Juneau & Angel Johnson


Thank you to all who help out when they can, it has made this first year at Birchwood very special. We are looking forward to an action packed second year once again with our strong team. Remember, being a Home & School member helps everyone even if you can’t make it to the meetings or volunteer on a regular basis. We have several coordinator positions for Sept. as well. Our June meeting will be at a restaurant. Please email H&S for more information.

: Terri-Anne Boissonneau


Volunteers make the world

of education go round!


Artists of the month (March)

Owls in the style of Lori-Lee Thomas and Painted Paper in the style of Eric Carle

Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3


Raising awareness for student success "the parent`s role"

Click here to open document


Spiritual Animator`s Corner


Spiritual Animator's Corner

In the Month of February we introduced our Virtue Program to encourage and acknowledge the positive behaviors that are happening at Birchwood. We started our program with the virtue of “kindness” with students practicing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the school by using kind words and kind actions.

In the month of March we continued our journey to develop a positive school climate by focusing on how we treat others and practicing respectful behaviors.

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”

****Laurence Sterne****

April! This month we continue our teaching of the language and behaviors of the virtue through “Friendship” teaching our students that it is not just about finding similarities, it is about respecting differences.

“Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, don’t walk     behind me I may not lead, walk beside me and just be my   friend”                                                                   ****Albert Camus****

Congratulations to most of our students for having a great attitude in class; for helping a classmate; and being respectful and kind, and being good to the environment.  Basically being good role models for all who see you.

Lets us all continue to practice these important virtues in our daily lives.

Sandra King

Spiritual Animator


Summer Camp Opportunities



                                             Pour diffusion immédiate 


Vaudreuil-Dorion, le 10 avril 2012 – Dans le cadre de son assemblée générale annuelle, la corporation La Relâche tiendra sa traditionnelle soirée d’information et d’inscriptions à l’intention des parents de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. Rappelons que La Relâche est un camp de jour spécialisé pour les enfants handicapés résidants sur le territoire. Cette rencontre aura lieu le mercredi 25 avril 2012 à 19h au Centre d’hébergement de Vaudreuil, situé au 408 ave. St-Charles à Vaudreuil-Dorion (salle Félix Leclerc au sous-sol).                                            

La soirée débutera avec l’assemblée annuelle. Les parents pourront rencontrer les membres du présent conseil d’administration et en apprendre davantage sur les bilans que celui-ci a dressés pour l’année financière qui s’est terminée au 31 mars dernier. Les personnes présentes seront à même de mesurer les pas franchis par le conseil d’administration lors du dernier exercice et de constater la santé et la solidité des actifs de la corporation. En seconde partie, la période d’inscriptions prendra place. C’est à ce moment que sera présentée la programmation estivale 2012 de même que la remise des différents formulaires d’inscription. Des questions pourront être posées sur le bilan des dernières années, qui furent, sans l’ombre d’un doute, des périodes estivales extraordinaires pour les enfants qui ont fréquenté le camp de jour de La Relâche.

Si vous avez des questions concernant cette rencontre, n’hésiter pas à contacter M. Guy Francoeur au CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges au 450.455.0507 poste 403.

Source :Guy Francoeur

450.455.0507 poste 403



Lettre rougeole primaire

Lettre rougeole primaire

Click here to open english version

Click here to open french version


Radon detection at Birchwood

Health Canada Its your Health brochure on Radon.pdf
Sante Canada - Votre sante et vous radon.pdf


Winter Carnival Day Planning

Dear Parents,

As March break approaches, the staff at Birchwood has decided to celebrate with a day of fun activities. This school-wide event will take place on Friday, March 2nd, 2012. This event will cost each child $2 which includes two snacks, a horse and wagon ride and the activities.  As well each student will need to bring at least one plastic tub of frozen pink water (use red food colouring) for our ice sculpting activity.  The students will spend the morning rotating between stations outside in the school yard and inside at various locations throughout the school. It is important that you send your child to school that day with proper winter attire (snow pants, boots, mittens, scarf, hat and extra socks etc…). The students will then spend a relaxing afternoon in classes with a fun activity chosen by the classroom teacher and eating a snack provided to them.


 Please complete the permission form (coming home on Monday the 20th and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than Thursday, February 23rd, 2012.

For our eventful day to run smoothly, we would be in need of a few parent volunteers to assist at various times throughout the morning, between 8:00am-12:30pm. Even if you are only available for an hour, we will fit you into our schedule. Please note that lunch will be provided for all volunteers. If you are available please complete the form below and return it to Miss Macro no later than Thursday, February 23rd, 201212.

Thanking you in advance and wishing you a relaxing March break,

Mme. Laviolette - Daycare Coordinator & Miss. Macro - Physical Education and Health Teacher

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Winter Carnival Volunteer

 Name:____________________________ Phone #:_____________________


Availability:            9:00am – 12:30pm           Other (please specify): _______      



Thank You!

Thanks to all who came out and supported the Bridges to Burundi project at the open house. In just two hours we raised 253$.

                                                                                                            If you are interested in any further fundraising events for this project please visit the Westwood Sr. Website.

Thank you from Birchwood Senior Students


Artists of the month (February)

Cycle 1 - Terrific Tessellations

Cycle 2 - From Circle to Sphere

Cycle 3 - MC Escher's Eye



Artists of the month (January)

Cycle 1


Cycle 2

Cycle 3



Online Safety & Security - The Parent`s Role


Home and School Needs Your Help!!

February 8th, 2012

Dear Birchwood parents:

 Your Home & School Association is in the process of organising  “Teacher Appreciation Week” at Birchwood. 

Two events being planned will necessitate the participation of parents: on February 14th we are having an all-chocolate day, while the Lunch Extravaganza will be at Birchwood on WEDNESDAY the 15th.  For Tuesday the 14th we require all things chocolaty: milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.  If it is 100% chocolate, or has chocolate in it or on it or around it, *WE WANT IT*!!  For the 15th we are still in need of main dishes each dish being able to serve about 6 people; ideas include a salad, home made pirogues or a pasta dish.  Use your imagination and creativity: if there is a dish that your family particularly loves, please share it with the teachers!

 All our teachers and resource teachers look forward to this special week and they are always excited to try different dishes, so please help us to delight their taste buds!  

 Please email us at birchwood_hs@gmail.com to let us know how you will be able to help us.

Thank you in advance,

Crystal Ouellette


Birchwood Home and School Association


First Governing Board for Birchwood Elementary

On the evening of September 8th, at WWjr. the Birchwood community of parents present at the Annual General meeting voted in the members for the first Governing Board.  The members voted in are as follows:

Charlene Sinclair

Melanie Sleep

Janie Breen also voted in as our SPC rep.

Chantal Rivard

Robert REid

Donato Iannaccio

Congratulations to you all and I look forward to working together for the growth and development of our Birchwood community.

Ms. C. Turner




                       To Parents and Guardians,

Please note that there has been an incident in the local area that is being followed up on by the SQ.  we have been asked to make sure that ... 

“ In  light of recent events where police have been involved, we are asking all parents  to take the time to review with their children appropriate procedures should they be offered a ride by someone they do not know. 

 Après un évenement arrivé récemment à une école du voisinage, nous demandons à tous les parents de prendre le temps de reviser les procédures appropriées si quelqu'un qu'ils ne connaissent pas leurs offre du transport.

Thank you for taking the time to assure your child(ren)'s safety.

Ms. Turner







MONDAY – Cozy Reading Time

                                           Each cycle will be assigned a time where they will come down to the cafeteria and Ms. Turner will read a holiday story. This will be a quiet event. Please bring your class down to the cafeteria at your designated time. Please ensure that throughout the day, if at any point your class must walk through the hall way, to remain silent (as per usual) in order to not disturb the story time sessions occurring at that time. 

                    Pre-K & Kindergarten – 10:00am-10:30am

                    Cycle 1 – 10:40am – 11:05am

                    Cycle 2 – 11:30am – 12:00pm

                    Cycle 3 – 2:30pm – 3:00pm


TUESDAY – Holiday Hat Day

                      Each student  AND TEACHERS IF THEY WISH  will be asked to wear a hat  or head gear that represents the holiday season.  

WEDNESDAY – Red & Green Day

                      Let's put some holiday colour into our school. Students & teachers are asked to wear anything red and/or green.


THURSDAY – School-wide holiday BINGO

                       Each teacher will be given a copy of a blank bingo card and bingo pictures. The teacher will then photocopy both sheets for each student in their class. Each student will then put together their own original bingo card by cutting and gluing any pictures they want onto the blank bingo card.  At 11:30am have your class ready to play bingo.  The pictures will be called out over the intercom and if a student in your class wins, have them walk down to the cafetereia to claim their prize. 

FRIDAY – Breakfast & Carol Swap

                   Breakfast will be served to the Juniors (K, 1 & 2) in the cafeteria from 9:30am – 10:00am.During that time, seniors and their teachers will go to the gym to have a try at Carolling lead by Ms. A while waiting for their breakfast.   

At 10:00am the juniors will go straight to the gym after breakfast with their teachers, and join their voices to the seniors for 2 or 3 carols and then the seniors will go have breakfast and the juniors will continue singing.  Once the seniors have finished their breakfast all students will head back up to class.

Please remember that students will be dismissed at 1:00pm and will not have a lunch hour.  Only Daycare students will bring a lunch with them and will eat it during daycare time.

HO HO HO  Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas


December 23rd Home and School Holiday Breakfast

Birchwood Home & School Breakfast       


The holidays are fast approaching and your Home and School would like to celebrate by serving breakfast to the whole student body and their teachers. On Friday December 23rd we will be serving the following:

  - Crepes heated with maple syrup

  - Sausages (pork)

  - Potatoes

  - Milk


We are unable to guarantee with 100% certainty that the products are peanut free, as the potatoes are being generously supplied to us from a restaurant in our community.   *IF YOUR CHILD HAS ALLERGIES* please send them to school with their breakfast and we will be glad to heat it up, if necessary.


If you have any questions please send us an email at birchwood_hs@gmail.com  subject: Breakfast


Thank you,

Birchwood Home and School


Drop Off , Pick Up and Related Procedures

Dear Parents, 

In case you did not receive the Connect-Ed message sent on Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 here is a copy of the message.

Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family as 2012 unfolds!  I trust your Holiday Season was restful and filled with wonderful moments with family and friends.  As we look into the New Year and consider beginning the second part of our school year… now under one roof, I wanted to bring some procedures to everyone’s attention. 

We had close to three weeks to try out some procedures that we established as a staff prior to moving.  Only having lived with the experiences can we now look at what needs to be tweaked and what needs to be brought to the forefront for discussion.

The procedure that needs to be clarified with parents before the return to school is the Drop Off/Pick Up zone in the front of the school.  Please read below the expected practices to be followed:

Students are to be at school for 9:00am. That is when supervision begins.  Attendance begins at 9:05 am, and classes start at 9:10 am.  Your child is late if they arrive at 9:10am, and would then need to report to the office so that we can sign them in.  When at all possible  child(ren) should be taking the bus, going to daycare or walking to school.  This would alleviate any congestion in the drop off zone.


For Drivers:  Lining up, waiting for clear stopping spots in the front of the school area is expected.  Only once the duty staff is out in the front can students begin to disembark.  If you arrive early, then please stay in the car and turn off your motor.

When pulling up, make sure your child(ren) are ready to get out of the car when you have come to a full stop.  They should have their school bag on their lap, coats zipped up, hats and mitts on ( -if and when necessary, etc.)

Children are to get out on the passenger side only. No exiting from driver’s side. 

Parents are not to get out of their car in order to assist their children.  If a child needs assistance, that is what the duty staff are there for.

Please be sure to practice courtesy and patience in our drop-off zone area.

We are looking for volunteers to help out in the drop off area.  Please call the office to let us know if you are interested in helping out with either the morning and/or afternoon dismissal procedures at the front of the school.  Two volunteers for morning and afternoon would alleviate congestion and any ensuing confusion with too many adults out in front.


During School Hours:  Drop off or pick up of your child(ren) due to appointments or illness, allows you to park in the drop off zone between 9:30am and 3:00pm.  For that purpose only.


Last Minute Changes:  It is important once again to reiterate that calling after 12:30pm with a change of plans for your child (except in extreme emergencies) is not acceptable.  Many scenarios take place in a child’s life each day at school, and last minute plans are difficult to follow up on, especially where so many children are involved.  Please be considerate and call us before lunch time if a change is needed, so that we have the ability to ensure the information is passed on in a timely fashion.

Alternate Adults Picking Up Children:  For your child’s safety, it is imperative that we are advised in writing ahead of time, by you, of the alternate people who could possibly be picking up your child  ie: grandparents, neighbours, adult siblings etc.  We need their names and your signed consent that they can pick up your child.  They are to present themselves at the office and wait for us to bring the child to them.  If we or the children are not comfortable with the situation, the child will be sent to daycare until parents can come to pick up the child; this will be at the parent’s expense, so please provide us with the appropriate safety information, when we return to school this January to avoid uncomfortable or embarrassing situations.   If the alternate must come during dismissal hours they would need to park elsewhere on the street and come to the office to wait for the child there.


I thank you for your cooperation in the above procedures.  This will not be the end to all problems but it is a beginning to solving some of what we have seen so far.  I trust that we can work together to develop and improve upon any procedures in the future as might become necessary.     

Kind Regards,

Ms. C. Turner



Physical Education Update

Birchwood Physical Education


The Birchwood Physical Education and Health program aims to help students acquire a base knowledge of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. In each Cycle, students will be exposed to a wide variety of cooperative games and sports where they will learn to build self-responsibility, social skills, and cooperative strategies, as well as develop motor skills. At Birchwood, fair play, individual achievement, and effort is highly promoted. We encourage maximum participation for all students in a non-competitive environment.

 Your child will be evaluated three (3) competencies based on his or her ability to plan coherently, implement effectively, and reflect on his or her physical activity experience.  
The three competencies are as follows;

 1)     To perform movement skills in different physical activity settings

2)     To interact with others in different physical activity settings

3)     To adopt a healthy, active lifestyle


For the final PE grade, each term in PE will be evaluated at a different percentage.  Only an overall mark will appear on each report card.


-          Term 1 valued at 20% of the students overall grade.


-          Term 2 valued at 20% of the students overall grade.

-          Term 3 valued at 60% of the students overall grade.

 Dressing for PE

            The importance of wearing appropriate clothing for physical activity is vital for the students’ hygiene.  Parents must consider students will be physically active the entire time they have PE  and will perspire. On the day a student has PE, they are expected to wear a t-shirt, running shoes, shorts or track pants.  Jeans are not breathable. Crocs, and skater shoes are not safe footwear, and may lead to ankle injury.  Please ensure your child has running shoes that tie up or have Velcro. We will also be outdoors often. Please make sure your child has appropriate indoor AND outdoor running shoes for Physical Education.

When does my child have PE?

** There have been changes to your child’s PE schedule since we have entered Birchwood Elementary. Please talk note of the changes below. Thank You.








Mme. Claudia – Kindergarten

Mme. Manon - Kindergarten

Mme. Marie-Josee – Gr. 1

Mme. Renee – Gr. ½

Mme. Julie – Gr. 3

Mme. Nicole – Gr. 3

Mrs. Roberts – Gr. 4

Mme. Diane – Gr. 4






ALL Kindergarten classes

ALL Gr. 3 classes

ALL Gr. 4 classes

Mrs. Sellitto – Gr. 5/6

Mme. Belle-Isle – Gr. 5/6







ALL Gr. 1 classes (including Mme. Renee)

Mme. Renaud – Gr. 5/6






ALL Kindergarten classes

ALL Gr.  classes






                                   Mme. Karin - Kindergarten

                                   Mme. Joanne – Gr. 1

                                   ALL Gr. 2 classes

                                   ALL Gr. 4 classes

                                   ALL Gr. 5/6 classes




 LBPSB Tournaments






Ultimate Frisbee

(Grade 6)



Sept 27th

(Rain Day Sept 28th)


Edgewater Elementary


Cross Country Run

(Grade 4, 5 & 6)



Oct. 19th

(Rain Day Oct. 21st)


Morgan Arboretum



(Grade 6)



Month of January


John Abbott



(Grade 3)



Month of February


Various Locations



(Grade 6)



April 20th




Cycle 1 Cross Country Run

(Grades 1 & 2)



May 16th

(Rain Day May 17th)





Track and Field

(Grade 4, 5 & 6)



Beginning of June


Riverdale High School

N.B. All tournaments listed for grade 6 students only may become open to grade 5 students depending on number of participants. Students will be informe


**Please be reminded that being prepared for physical activity (proper attire; shorts, t-shirt, indoor running shoes etc...) is also part of your child’s PE grade and part of the curriculum (Competency 3).



Dressing for PE    

            The importance of wearing appropriate clothing for physical activity is vital for the students’ hygiene.  Parents must consider students will be physically active the entire time they have PE and will perspire. On the day a student has PE, they are expected to wear a t-shirt, running shoes, shorts or track pants.  Jeans are not breathable. Crocs, and skater shoes are not safe footwear, and may lead to ankle injury.  Please ensure your child has running shoes that tie up or have Velcro. We will also be outdoors often. Please make sure your child has appropriate indoor AND outdoor running shoes for Physical Education.


Artists of the month (December)

Holly plates






Artists of the month - November

All poppies


All birds


All skulls


Conseils de sécurité pour une Halloween réussie / Hallowe`en Safety Tips

Click here to open Conseils de sécurité pour une Halloween réussie / Hallowe'en Safety Tips



Birchwood Home & School Meeting


Come and join the excitement as we lay the foundations for our new Birchwood Home & School Association. As voted on at our Annual General Meeting in September, the overwhelming majority of parents present voted to have a Home & School for Birchwood. We have applied to the Quebec Federation of Home & Schools and are all set to proceed!

Our first meeting will be held

Our focus for the Birchwood Home & School this year will be on community building events and establishing an active membership. The Home & School is an avenue for parents to become involved in the education of their children, offers an opportunity to learn about the school community in which your child spends approximately one-third of his/her time, and to create a school environment that you would like for your child All parents are encouraged to participate in ways that most suit their own talents and lifestyles. You may be an active member, able to volunteer or occasionally participate, or a non-active member, as a supporter. We need both! We have monthly meetings where we share ideas and bring new ones to the table. All members are welcome and a little of your time will greatly benefit your children. We work jointly with the school to ensure open communication and a closer relationship between the school and parents while enhancing school spirit.

Your membership automatically gives you support in the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). The QFHSA is the parent body of all local associations working under the Canadian Association of Home & School Federation and they have been acting as an independent voice promoting the education and well-being of children since 1944. Further benefits are:

•Access to a wide range of resources, workshops and networking opportunities.

•A voice for you, the parent, through collective representation at government levels and within organizations involved in the education sector and/or youth sectors.

•A subscription to the quarterly QFHSA NEWS, published since 1948, which preserves and celebrates the contributions, concerns and activities of local associations.

•Provision of charitable tax receipts for your home and school donations and liability insurance coverage for every volunteer member in good standing at home and school sponsored events.

•The privilege to function as an independent parent volunteer organization with your own bank account and agenda, in conjunction with your school’s governing board and administration and in accordance with QFHSA’s guidelines.

Wednesday October 26 th at 7pm in the Westwood Junior High School cafeteria. We welcome ALL parents to this meeting. On the agenda for the evening will be the elections of the Home & School Executive positions of Co-Presidents, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Secretary, and Co-Fundraising Chairs. We will also discuss our upcoming year's activities. If you wish to run for a position or appoint someone, we welcome you to attend the meeting. We also need volunteers to bring ideas to the table and help with coordinator positions and volunteer support.

For Executive Position descriptions and more on the QFHSA, please visit the Birchwood website under the Home & School page.

We have also set up an email where you can contact us at birchwood.hs@gmail.com .

Birchwood PPO Meeting October 26, 2011 at 8 p.m.

The H&S meeting will be immediately followed by a PPO - Parent Participation Organization meeting at 8 PM. Please stay to learn what the PPO is all about and appoint a PPO chairperson and secretary.

th, 2011 at 7 p.m.


Birchwood Opening Delayed

Just breaking news!!!! 

 The Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) has just been informed by Consortium M.R. of yet another delay in the delivery of the new Birchwood Elementary School in Saint-Lazare.  The contractor had previously stated that the school would be ready to be given to the LBPSB on November 4, 2011, and the board has been making plans to move the furniture and fixtures in next week.

 The latest delay in the completion of the long-awaited elementary school is the fifth one since the original, contracted delivery date of June 30, 2011.  Receiving this news just days before the planned delivery date is very frustrating  for the school board,” said Suanne Stein Day, Chairman of the LBPSB.  “We were looking forward to getting the keys to our new school and preparing the interior in order to welcome the students before the end of November.”

 The contractor has not yet provided the school board with a date of when he’s expecting to have the school completed.  Some interior work in the gym as well as paving work outside the school still remains to be done.  “Our main priority remains the safety and well-being of the students,” said Robert Mills, Director General of the LBPSB.  “We will not move the students into Birchwood Elementary until we are satisfied that the school meets all safety standards.  We would like our community to know that daily work continues to ensure the school will be completed as soon as possible.”


Artists of the month (October)
Cycle 1
The Leaf Project allowed the students to develop their understanding of warm and cool colours. Students were encouraged blend two cool colours for their backgrounds and two warm colours for each of their leaves. Each artist was then instructed to overlap at least two of their leaves to create a layered effect!

The Fall Tree Project introduced the students to artist, Paul Cézanne. They were inspired by his paintings of bare trees and were challenged to create their own. The students also reviewed their understanding of warm colours and used them to create beautiful backgrounds!

Cycle 2
The Leaf Project encouraged the students to review their understanding of warm and cool colours. Students were asked to trace four different leaves and to use warm or cool colours to fill them in. They were then asked to color the background with the opposite color combination.

The Illusion of Space Project introduced the students to artist, Paul Cézanne. They were inspired by his paintings of landscapes and bare trees to create a foreground, a midground and a background in their works of art!


Cycle 3
The Leaf Project was a study of patterns and lines. The students traced a real leaf and were challenged to think of as many different patterns to fill in each section.

The Pumpkin Project introduced the students to artist, Paul Cézanne. They were inspired by his paintings of still life and used lines, shading and blending to make their flat pumpkins appear three dimensional. The students learned that by creating a light spot on the surface and then shading dark near the edges, a simple circle could be transformed into a detailed and beautiful pumpkin.


Our School



AGM Meeting 2011
Birchwood Elementary
First Annual General Meeting - Governing Board
September 8, 2011
Minutes of the First Annual General Meeting
1. Welcome by Coleen Turner, Principal of Birchwood Elementary
Recording Secretary Lisa Fougere
2. Introduction of teaching staff
3. Governing Board Role and Procedures
4. Election and Nominations
Call for (6) two year term parent rep candidates. Seven candidates presented themselves for a 2 year term. They were: Nancie Farand, Charlene Sinclair, Melanie Sleep, Janie Breen, Chantal Rivard, Robert Reid, Donato Iannaccio.
Governing Board elected 6 candidates listed:
Charlene Sinclair, Melanie Sleep, Janie Breen, Chantal Rivard, Robert Reid, Donato Iannaccio. By show of hands, the motion to accept the candidates for Governing Board was unanimous.
Election of SPC Sector Parents’ Rep Janie Breen
Naming of an alternate SPC Sector Parent representative will be at the first Governing Board meeting.
5. Discussion/decision about the formation of a Parent Participation Organization at Birchwood for 2011-2012. Thirty two parents voted in favor of the formation of a PPO, 3 against the formation.
Discussion/decision about the formation of a Home & School association at Birchwood for 2011-2012. Thirty two parents voted in favor of the formation of a PPO. An email for interested parties will be sent out shortly via ConnectEd.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


School Hours and Day Care Update

It has been confirmed by our Transportation Department that Birchwood Elementary will be a late start school.

This means that the start time of supervision in the morning will be at 9:00am and classes will begin at 9:10am

Classes finish at 3:40 in the afternoon and buses will depart at 3:50pm

At this point we are considering lunch hour will be from:

 12:30 - 1:30.  

As for daycare news, once a technician has been hired for the school we will then put the proper procedures in place and make sure you have the necessary forms.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any queries or concerns.

Ms. Turner



Thank you to all those who have sent in their registrations for Daycare and/or Lunch Program.  If you have not yet done so please and plan to use the service please go to the daycare section and fill out the registration form and email it to cturner@lbpsb.qc.ca as soon as possible.  The clearer the picture for us in terms of numbers of students the clearer our plan for how many staff we will be needing. 

The other heads up is that we will soon be posting the "School Supply Lists" by grade level on the web site.  If you were not aware we are working with Editions Vaudreuil to help parents with the purchasing of the necessary school supplies.  It is a voluntary use service, but the list of articles is what parents will need to use when purchasing their children's supplies. 

Birchwood will be receiving a percentage of the sales and therefore this is considered our first fundraiser!  The ease of purchasing the supplies on line is unparalled and so I do hope you take advantage of it.  All the instructions on how to do so will be posted with the lists.  The money raised will go towards the music and art programs that we will be developing over the years.  Programs such as music and art require special funds for the materials needed and so we felt this would be a good beginning towards the program development.  

I will send out and activity update as soon as the lists have been verified and posted.

Thank you for your support and patience as we get this ball rolling.  I can feel it now! 

Ms. Coleen Turner

Principal, Birchwood Elementary


It`s Time to Name Our School!!!

It’s time to name that school….!

The first thing to recognize is that the name of our new school must be very significant to both the community of people that will be involved with the school and for the school board as a whole.

The Council of Commissioners will make the final decision after receiving and studying the vetted suggestions offered.

Here is how we go about it…          

All families registered to attend the new school in St. Lazare with an idea for a name, may forward their suggestion by accessing the “New School” web site and by pressing the “Contact  Us” button on the home page.

The name suggested may be that of a person, an object, a symbol, locale or flora/fauna.

a)   In the case of a person, he or she must:

·          Have worked in the field of education or;

·         Have made a contribution in relation to education or;

·         Represent an ideal or model for youth.

b)   If suggesting a name of an object or a symbol, the object or symbol must represent human, spiritual or educational values that the school board considers to be in keeping with those of the commuity.

c)   The locale may be a street, town or area etc.

d)   Flora and fauna that would be indigenous to the area.                     

Along with the name you suggest, please provide a short paragraph explaining why you feel the name you have chosen is appropriate for our new school.  Please include your full name and a phone number that we may use to contact you in case your name is chosen.

This can be a wonderful family activity and an opportunity to share in the decision making process for our new school. Looking forward to hearing from you.  The deadline for submissions will be:  

 March 31st, 2011.         

                                          Coleen Turner, Principal “New School”



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