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Peanut Butter Substitute

Peanut Butter Substitute




Information on a product named: “Wowbutter”.   Please read this letter below that describes and educates about this peanut butter substitute,  If any one is choosing to use this or other substitutes, in your child(ren)’s lunch, the lunch boxes or bags need to be labelled properly and a note sent in to the classroom teacher and/or lunch time supervisor.


Dear Ms. Turner,


I provide this letter as a parent that is concerned about the health and safety of students in our school system. I am in full support of the peanut free and/or nut sensitive policy of our school and respect the decision of Birchwood to implement this policy.


I would like to inform you that I will be sending WOWBUTTER in my child’s lunch as a 100%

Peanut & Nut Free peanut butter replacement for the entire school year.

I am using  this product to provide our child with a healthy and nutritious lunch while at the

same time ensuring the safety of peanut and tree nut allergic students at school.

This product looks, smells and tastes just like peanut butter and I encourage you to find out more information about WOWBUTTER on the website www.WOWBUTTER.com. It will provide reassurance that the product is safe for schools and verification that it is manufactured in a dedicated 100% Peanut and Nut Free facility.

WOWBUTTER will not affect anyone with strictly a peanut and/or tree nut allergy who smells, ingests or comes in contact with this product.


I am providing this letter as part of the School-For-School Lunch Procedure that I am following

that is detailed on the www.WOWBUTTER.com website. If you require more assurance than

this letter of my intentions and commitment to send WOWBUTTER as a peanut butter

replacement to school, I can apply “MADE WITH WOWBUTTER” Labels to every lunch as

seen above. These labels are downloaded and printed from the www.School-Lunch-Labels.com

website or cut out from the WOWBUTTER jar label and applied to all sandwiches and/or products containing this product.


Please inform the class about this substitute that is  being used,  to further educate them about acceptable foods for a peanut and/or nut free school environment. I appreciate your

understanding and commitment regarding the use of WOWBUTTER and working with me

on our common goal of safe, happy, healthy children. School Posters for the classroom are

available and can be downloaded and printed from the WOWBUTTER.com website to

remind students to label lunch items containing WOWBUTTER.






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