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This is a body formed by parents and staff. This group works with the school administration to discuss and recommend major orientations for the school.  It is a representative body whose members are chosen during the Annual General Assembly at the beginning of each school year, usually during the first or second week of September.  Please refer to the school web site and/or calendar for the exact date and time of this meeting. The GB meetings are traditionally held once per month and last approximately an hour or an hour and a half.


2020-2021 MEMBERS

Parent Representatives   Staff Representatives

Matthew Boros


Jessie Abitbol

Daniella Currie


Joanne Ackland

Derek Kenny


Claudia Di Pietro

Leslie Rose


Caroll Laviolette

Karen Simms


Nathalie Mancuso

Brigitte Valois
Principal (ex-officio)


Daniel Olivenstein, Commissioner


The Governing Board is broken down into two categories:

5 parent representatives with a two year mandate. Half the parents are elected at the school's Annual General Meeting each year.
5 school staff, including teachers, administrative staff and a daycare representative, each with a one-year mandate.

Principal (Ex-officio)
2 Community Representatives

What We Discuss
School facility rentals
Consultation to the school board on various topics
Pearson Education Foundation submissions
School budget
Daycare budget
Safety initiatives priorities
Capital projects request for funding
Selection criteria for principal
Consumable fees
Subject Time Allocation
Field Trips
Topics brought to the board from the school population

Please do not hesitate to contact the Governing Board Chair if you have any questions concerning Governing Board.




  Meeting Date   Minutes
  June 17, 2021  
  May 13, 2021  
  April 8, 2021  
  March 11, 2021  
  February 11, 2021  
  January 14, 2021  
  December 10, 2020  
  November 12, 2020  
  October 15, 2020  




  Meeting Date   Minutes
  January 17, 2019  
  November 15, 2018  
  October 11, 2018  
  September 6, 2018
Parents' Annual General Assembly
Draft Minutes